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Making Changes, Living Smart with AFA

April 15, 2015 03:32 AM
Stephanie Presley For AFA Colleague Stephanie Presley weight loss has been a struggle for years. After meeting with a nutritionist, she began a low-carb, high-protein diet and regular exercise in The Core. She quickly began seeing results and those results have kept her on the right track to a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. “You have to put in the work to achieve any long-term goals. You must change your lifestyle,” Stephanie said. Over the last five months she has lost a total of 74 pounds through dedication to her diet and exercise. Stephanie’s diet consists of eggs, veggie burgers, shrimp, grilled chicken and vegetables. She is also an avid water drinker and stays away from coffee and sugary drinks. “My husband and daughter have been very supportive and will eat whatever I put in front of them. My husband has actually lost 20 pounds! There are so many great substitutes for the things you love like spaghetti. Since I don’t eat pasta I now use zucchini noodles and my family loves it; it’s so good!” Stephanie now exercises six days a week. She attends classes at AFA’s on-site fitness center, The Core, on her lunch break and every Tuesday and Thursday she meets with The Core trainer Jessica Brodmerkel. “I know it’s hard to start exercising, but I have committed myself to use my lunchtime to workout. It’s definitely easier said than done but you must decide that it’s worth it to do this. It feels good to accomplish things in the gym you never thought you could, like Zumba, I used to be intimidated by it but now I really love it.” With the help of tools at American Fidelity, Stephanie has created a healthy life for her, her husband and her daughter. We are proud to recognize Stephanie as our April Live Smart Spotlight! “I have a lot more energy and I can do more things now with my daughter to keep up with her. Losing the weight and being healthier is such a confidence booster. I now have a greater quality of life!”

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