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Living Smart, Winning Prizes

July 8, 2015 04:46 AM
Bingo From mid-May through June AFA Colleagues participated in our Black Belt Bingo Wellness Challenge. Each quarter our wellness team develops a program to challenge our Colleagues to lead a healthy lifestyle in body and mind. Throughout the challenge our Colleagues were given chances each week to win small prizes. After the final week, those who played for at least five weeks were entered to win grand prizes! Our grand prize winner was Robert Mitchell. He participated in every week of the challenge and it paid off. Check out some of the things Robert tracked.
  • Played indoor soccer
  • Took a Rosetta Stone class
  • Provided support to a friend
  • Asked a Colleague for help
  • Ran in the Brew Run
These are just a few of the things Robert tracked during his bingo challenge. Other Colleagues recorded things like swimming with family, taking training classes, choosing fruit over a candy bar, reading, doing word-puzzles and more. American Fidelity truly cares about our Colleagues health and well-being and they make it fun! How do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

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