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Living Smart in OKC

February 24, 2016 01:39 AM

LSLogo_2016 Each month AF spotlight’s a Colleague who has made lifestyle changes to be healthier, or a resource that helps our Colleagues do that. Do you live in the OKC metro area and looking for resources in the community to help kick start your wellness journey? Are you thinking about relocating to our growing city? Here’s a list of wellness resources available in the metro, and reasons you should want to join us in OKC!

Looking for opportunities to get moving with others in the community? Here are some great ones!

  • Mesta Festa is held at the historic Mesta Park and usually features free yoga for adults and outdoor games for children.
  • Open Streets OKC closes a busy street to vehicular traffic for a day to encourage walking, biking and other physical activity.
  • Shop Hop on Auto Alley is held every third Thursday of each month and encourages visitors to park their cars and cruise on foot to enjoy open house events at shops, live music and entertainment. They are also encouraged to participate in physical activities, learn about healthy eating and more.

Still looking for reasons to make the move to OKC? Visit our website to see what Oklahoma City has to offer you and be sure to check out our job openings!

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