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Live Smart Spotlight | Diana Bittle

February 18, 2015 09:28 AM
[caption id="attachment_2608" align="alignnone" width="284"]DSC_0028 small Diana B., Software Solutions[/caption] American Fidelity is dedicated to making the lives of our Colleagues healthier and happier. Through on-site amenities like our medical clinic, gym, grill and wellness incentives, AFA gives Colleagues all the necessary tools to get fit and stay healthy. Last January Diana Bittle, VP software solutions, faced a difficult situation - change her unhealthy habits or spend the rest of her life on medication. After a visit to Saints On Site, our on-site medical clinic, to earn her wellness incentive, Diana was informed that her triglyceride levels were dangerously high and that she was at risk for diabetes. Shocked by the news, Diana made the choice to completely change her eating habits. “Instead of medication I decided to fix it myself,” Diana said. “I cut out all flour, sugar, corn, grains, rice and potatoes from my diet and added more vegetables, fruits and lean meats.” Diana accommodates her needs and her family’s by making three things for dinner; a vegetable, a lean meat and a grain. Her husband is a vegetarian so he eats the vegetable and grain, she eats the Vegetable and meat, and their son eats all three. Change isn’t easy and sometimes you need some extra help so Diana turned to technology to keep her on track. She started using a Fitbit to monitor her progress, as well as an app called Pact that uses cash incentives to help you achieve your health goals. “I weigh myself every morning,” Diana said. “I might not always look at the scale but I let it sync to my Fitbit.” All of Diana’s efforts to get healthy over the past year have paid off in a big way. In addition to losing 53 pounds, she has dramatically reduced her triglyceride levels and is no longer at risk for developing diabetes. “My perception of myself has changed,” Diana said. “I’m buying smaller clothes, wearing heels and tall boots; I just feel better.” Diana credits AFA for supporting a healthy lifestyle and giving Colleagues the tools to maintain it. “I wouldn’t have made the changes if it wasn’t for Saints On Site and the grill has so many healthy options,” Diana said. “My advice for anyone trying to live healthier is to find something that fits with you and don’t beat yourself up if you’re not perfect at it,” Diana said. “We put too much pressure on ourselves. It is one day at a time, just try again tomorrow if you mess up.” Want to join a company that cares about you and helps you live a healthy life? Apply now for one of our open positions!

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