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LAMP Lights the Way

April 2, 2014 02:00 AM
0634 As an employee, I want to work for a company I respect and for a manager I trust. Pretty simple, right? I recently read a great article in Forbes about the “Ten Things Only Lousy Managers Say” and was thankful American Fidelity believes in giving our managers the tools they need to succeed. AFA knows that leadership ability may be inherent, but management skills need to be polished. To develop our Colleagues, no matter their role in the Company, AFA developed the Leadership and Management Program (LAMP).  Designed primarily for managers and supervisors but open to anyone with an interest in leadership, LAMP strives to create balanced leaders who understand the AFA culture and have the business skills they need to succeed. LAMP participants have the opportunity to earn certifications in performance management and organizational knowledge.  All aspects of LAMP give leaders the tools they need to better understand the big picture to make better decisions. The program also encourages participants to collaborate to find new and innovative ways to serve Customers. AFA understands the importance of leadership, so it dedicates resources to helping our Colleagues who undertake their first supervisory role. During New Managers School, these Colleagues are given the tools they need to transition into management effectively. What types of leadership development tools does your company offer?  What experiences have helped shape your leadership style? If LAMP sounds interesting to you, consider joining the AFA family. Check out our current Oklahoma City openings and our open field sales positions. &

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