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Helping Colleagues Stay Healthy

December 19, 2013 01:45 AM

corporate wellness programs

We’ve talked about our efforts to help Colleagues eat healthy and exercise by providing on-site perks such as our fitness center, personal trainers, grill, healthy vending machine and free fruit. But we know that just offering wellness programs isn’t always enough. We know that as much as Colleagues may want to achieve their New Year’s resolutions of getting healthy, sometimes we need a little extra motivation. American Fidelity provides a financial incentive to Colleagues who complete a confidential online health assessment from our medical insurance provider. This assessment helps Colleagues determine areas where they can improve their health and offers tips on setting and achieving health-related goals. It also gives Colleagues a score so they can see if their current health places them in an at-risk category. Colleagues receive an additional monetary incentive if they discuss their health assessment results with their doctors. This incentive helps encourage Colleagues to take action on their results. Many Colleagues have shared that this process helped them take control of their health and work to prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease before they start. While the results of each individual’s assessment are private, the organization results are provided to AFA to help us implement new programs. For example, our wellness team noticed that on last year’s results most Colleagues reported not eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. As a result, they implemented our free fruit and vegetables program to help Colleagues improve their eating habits. Does your company offer wellness incentives? What type of wellness programs do you enjoy?

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