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Five Holiday Job Search Tips

October 29, 2015 05:42 AM
With November starting this weekend, we’re officially entering the holiday season. Job searching through the holidays can take some extra patience, but while everyone else is thinking about turkey and eggnog, you can stand out from the crowd with these tips.
  1. Be patient and flexible. With year-end projects and people taking time off, scheduling interviews can get tricky. Suggest interviewing before or after work if that works better for the recruiter or hiring manager.
  2. Volunteer. This is usually a busy time of year for non-profits, so volunteering can be a great way to help others and make connections.
  3. Network. You’ll probably see more of your friends and family during this time of year. Make sure they know you’re job searching, and let them know what kinds of positions you’re looking for.
  4. Try a temporary job. Staffing companies are often flooded with requests for temporary help to fill in over the holidays. These positions can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company you’ve been eyeing.
  5. Get ready for the new year. Sometimes hiring has to wait until the next year’s budget starts. Use this time to clean up your resume and online presence, practice interviewing and research companies. You’ll be ready to start applying as soon as positions are posted in 2016.
Make sure to check out the job openings at American Fidelity today and learn more about how to apply to join our team. Have any great job search tips? Let us know in the comments!

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