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Dedicated to the Community

June 3, 2013 07:48 AM

VolunteerShirt2013(Final) One thing I love about working for American Fidelity is our Company’s dedication to the community. Whether it’s a special circumstance of helping with tornado relief or our regular assistance to other causes, I appreciate the opportunity to help serve. Because education is one of our core Customer groups, we typically focus much of our efforts on helping teachers and students.

One of my favorite projects is the Teachers Warehouse. When we get extra supplies like gently used binders or extra giveaway items from events, they go to the Teachers Warehouse!

I had the opportunity to volunteer there once. Their storeroom is stocked with paper, pens, paperclips – everything you can think of that might be needed. Teachers submit their requests online, and then volunteers fill their orders.

The volunteers got together and assembled each teacher’s order in bags, then filed them on shelves and hallways ready to be picked up and put to use in the classroom. All those filled orders lined up and ready to go out was an amazing sight. The Teachers Warehouse frequently needs volunteers; if you have some spare time, check it out and see what great things these folks do!

Another of our Company’s favorite organizations is the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Not only do I love to volunteer here, but so do my daughters! We have a great opportunity to teach our kids to help others by volunteering at organizations like the food bank.

It gives me a way to talk to my kids about those in our community who aren’t as fortunate as we are, and impress on them the importance of helping whenever possible.

These are just two examples of how our Company and our Colleagues are dedicated to our Community. What are some of your favorite charitable organizations?

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