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Day in the Life: Special Investigator

March 12, 2014 02:50 AM

brandi_edited Brandi Clark has one of the coolest job titles at American Fidelity – special investigator. It may sound like a job more suited to the CIA than AFA, but Brandi and her teammates play an important role in protecting our Colleagues, Company and Customers. Brandi starts her day with a large thermos of coffee and a stack of open cases to review. On a good day, she’ll focus on five to six cases while juggling emails, calls and instant messages with updates or questions about other cases. Throughout the day she’ll receive new cases to open, questions from Customers or Colleagues and updates from doctors or vendors about the numerous other cases she has open – all in various stages of completion. So what exactly are these cases? “It ranges from common, honest mistakes on an enrollment form to someone not affiliated with American Fidelity attempting to use our name fraudulently to a Customer going back to work while on disability without notifying us,” Brandi reports. “Compliance laws for insurance companies vary by state, so we have to stay up to date on all of the laws and ensure we follow the correct process and also that we explain everything clearly to everyone involved.” Brandi’s experience working in a district attorney’s office prior to joining American Fidelity seven years ago comes in handy when she works with the legal team and when she’s had to travel out of state to testify in court. Fortunately, most cases don’t reach that step and are resolved through communication. “When I’m investigating something that’s been reported as suspicious, I always want the answer to be that it was just a mistake. Every time I’m able to prove that gives me hope,” Brandi shares. “It’s one of the best parts of my job. I enjoy what I do and the people that I work with.” Special investigators aren’t the only American Fidelity Colleagues who help protect Customers. Colleagues are trained to protect our Customers and their information. No matter what position a Colleague holds, Customers are our focus. Now that you’ve learned about Brandi, get a glimpse into a Day in the Life of some of our other Colleagues.

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