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Day in the Life: Recruiting and Performance Management Specialist

July 9, 2014 02:57 AM
Kim 2013 You’ve met our recruiters and have heard from them what they want from candidates, but do you know what exactly they do each day? I thought our readers might want to learn more about the busy lives of our recruiting team, so I interviewed Kim Brecheen, our senior recruiting and performance management specialist, to find out how she spends her days. Kim has been with AFA for 17 years and has experience in a variety of areas within recruiting and performance management, making her a go-to resource. She divides her time between recruiting activities, and performance management activities. On the recruiting side, she brainstorms new marketing strategies, manages vendor relationships, facilitates reference and background checks, ensures compliance with employment regulations, talks to managers about their needs, administers skill testing, assists with relocation logistics and of course sources and interviews candidates. On the performance management side, Kim helps review assessments, coaches managers on handling performance issues and assists Colleagues through difficult situations. She’ll even role play with Colleagues to help them prepare for talking to their manager about a possible solution to an issue. “My job is complex and diverse, but it’s fun and I get to help others. It’s very rewarding to bring people together and help them develop. Sometimes people just need to vent and need someone to listen. It’s exciting to see people flourish and to be involved throughout their careers.” In case you think Kim needs a little more work to do, apply now for one of our current openings!

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