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Day in the Life – Online Enrollment

May 8, 2015 04:51 AM
[caption id="attachment_2870" align="alignnone" width="300"]Mandi Morgan, Enrollment Analyst Mandi Morgan, Enrollment Systems Analyst[/caption] One of the fun things about being a recruiter is learning about different types of jobs. With changing technology, there are many jobs that exist now that we didn’t have years ago. For example, we now have an online enrollment team that creates customized online enrollment platforms for our Customers. We currently have two openings in this area, so I sat down with Mandi Morgan, full benefit enrollment systems analyst, to learn more. Mandi started working with American Fidelity 17 years ago and developed her skills in various Customer service, leadership and technical roles before landing her current position. “We provide our products and services to Customers through their employers. So, I work with our employer groups to develop an enrollment site where their employees can enroll in all of their insurance benefits in one place. Since we provide supplemental insurance, I work with the employer’s major medical and other insurance carriers to get all of their information added to the site as well,” shared Mandi. “Once I get a clear idea of all of the employer’s benefits options, how they work, rates, eligibility requirements, etc., I create a customized platform to meet their needs.” As you can imagine, this takes a great deal of multi-tasking and project management skills. Just working on one enrollment platform involves many moving parts, and analysts work on many platforms at the same time and need to meet the needs of all of the Customers involved. “I love that my job isn’t monotonous. No two enrollments are the same – you have to make tweaks and problem solve. The days go fast when no two days are the same,” reports Mandi. “If you want to succeed in our area you have to be a strong multi-tasker, be willing to understand all of the terminology used by different insurance carriers and Customers and create a common language, be forward thinking and always think through how one decision will impact everything else, be willing to work both as a team and independently and be patient and willing to work through issues through trial and error.” Sound like fun? We’re currently looking for an enrollment analyst like Mandi and an enrollment data specialist to join our team. Not what you’re looking for? Check out our other Day in the Life columns to learn about other jobs around AFA.

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