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Day in the Life: Imaging Tech

April 3, 2014 02:45 AM
blog_photo While American Fidelity has gone green in many ways, from our online enrollment system to taking many of our Colleague materials such as our benefits enrollment guide and Colleague magazine online, we still handle a lot of paper from our Customers. And by a lot, I mean nearly 200,000 documents each month! I sat down with Nola Ruyle, imaging technician, to learn more about how we handle all of that paper. It all starts with the mail. Many of our Customers mail in claims documents, doctor’s notes, receipts, payments and more. When we receive these materials, our Imaging team jumps into action. “Our day starts by collecting these documents, then preparing them for storage by assigning them a document type. Next, we scan the documents into our system, index them so they can be easily located in the future and then we perform quality assurance so we ensure everything is accurate. Finally, we recycle the hard copies of the documents once we are sure they are scanned and saved into the system,” Nola shares. While that may sound like a solitary job, when you visit the Imaging area, you can see Colleagues collaborating and helping each other meet that day’s goals. “We work as a team to do the best job possible for the Customer. While we each have our individual role to play, we all come together to achieve our team’s goals. Our jobs play an important role in ensuring the security and accuracy of our Customers’ documents,” reports Nola. Interesting in joining AFA as an imaging tech? Check out our opening for this position! Or, see our previous Day in the Life features of some of our other Colleagues to learn more about other areas and apply for one of other openings today!

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