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Day in the Life: Group Underwriter

February 6, 2014 01:45 AM

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Unless you work for an insurance company, you may be unfamiliar with what underwriters do. And if you are familiar with the job, you may know they work with numbers and review insurance applications, but you may be surprised to know the important role they play in profitability, Customer service and landing new business. Since our group underwriting team regularly looks for new talent, I sat down with Kellen Stokes to learn more. Kellen joined AFA four years ago as a technical analyst for the risk management team and now serves as a group underwriter. “Group underwriting is a little different from individual underwriting, which is what most people are familiar with,” said Kellen. “Our team focuses on policies for employer groups, associations and schools, which means we spend more time working with our field sales and Customer service teams, writing new business and managing existing blocks of business rather than reviewing individual’s policies.” Underwriters analyze data and manage risks to help make our products profitable while providing a fair, competitive price to our Customers. This includes reviewing current business, completing renewals, comparing spreadsheets and assisting with proposals. Kellen and his co-workers also spend a lot of time on the phone with field sales Colleagues. “Our field and Customer service teams often call about a specific employer group and coverages. We gather information from other areas at AFA and provide a response that goes directly to the Customer. Because of that, we collaborate often to make sure we’re providing the best solution,” shared Kellen. That ability to solve problems and deal with gray areas is one of the keys to success in group underwriting. Kellen noted: “We have a collaborative environment to help us make the best decisions. You have to be persistent and be willing to keep learning every day. It’s challenging and you have to enjoy that environment to succeed.” While Kellen likes his job because he gets to help people each day and there’s a lot of variety, he also has the reward of helping land new business. “It’s really exciting when you put a lot of work into a proposal and then seeing the sales rep land that business and knowing you were part of that. Every proposal is very specific to that group, so it involves a lot of work and it’s nice to see it pay off.” Interested in joining Kellen as part of the American Fidelity team? Apply today! And make sure to check out our other Day in the Life features!

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