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Day in the Life: Field Sales

December 1, 2016 11:00 AM

Maggie C.

Unlike some of our other Day in the Life features, it seems obvious what sales reps do all day – they make sales calls, right? But, American Fidelity’s account executives don’t travel around making cold calls. They meet with Customers and potential Customers, build relationships, answer questions and provide Customer service. I talked to Maggie Correa, an account executive, to learn more.

Since Maggie works in our educational services division, she serves the school districts in her area. Maggie supports teachers, school administrators and support staff with supplemental insurance and Section 125 Plans (aka Cafeteria Plans).

“I like my job for many reasons. I get to help people each day. It can be as simple as explaining their benefits to as meaningful as helping them with the claim form because they just found out they have cancer. And even in that sad moment, there is some relief that they purchased that cancer policy five years ago,” said Maggie. “Also, I get to meet new people every day, and I’m never in the same location.”

Maggie spends the majority of her time in the schools she serves. “I stay at a particular school anywhere from one day to a week. We travel to every school site in the district, along with the administration office and transportation building. We arrive 30 minutes before school starts and stay 30 minutes after school ends.”

When meeting with Customers, Maggie focuses on their needs. She reviews their current benefits selections, provides claim forms, assists with any current claims or issues, helps them change beneficiaries and explains their additional benefits options.

“Every day and with each Customer, I am reminded to keep it simple and not to use insurance jargon.  My goal is to make sure that when they leave the room they understand WHAT they have, WHY they have it and WHAT ELSE they could have if they wanted to. Even though I believe in and understand the importance of each of the benefits we offer, I have to remember that no one wants to think about accidents, illnesses, disabilities or death. And even though they don’t want to think about, it’s my responsibility to explain that these things CAN happen and there is a way to help PROTECT themselves and their families against the financial costs if they were to happen. That’s why we provide insurance.”

For people considering a career as an American Fidelity sales rep, Maggie recommends having the ability to listen to the Customer and meet their needs, a positive attitude and the mental strength to hear many people say “no” and not let it get you down. Think you have what it takes? Check out the job openings on our sales teams today!

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