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Day in the Life – Enterprise Information Management

October 1, 2015 08:47 AM

Andy M., AVP of Enterprise Information Management Andy M., AVP of Enterprise Information Management

One of our newest and fastest growing areas at American Fidelity is our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) department. This team currently has two openings – a database admin analyst and a database developer – so I sat down with our AVP of EIM, Andy Moore, to learn more about his team and what they’re looking for when recruiting.

During his two years with AF, Andy has seen his team grow and expects it to continue expanding due to an increased focus on data. “American Fidelity is shifting to be more of a data-driven Company and my team is responsible for ensuring we have real-time data and that we can provide it to the business quickly and efficiently. This is changing how we do nearly everything at the Company,” shared Andy. “My role is to be a bridge builder between EIM and other departments both within IT and around the Company.”

EIM includes two teams – a data management and analytics (DMA) team and the database administration team (DBA) team. The data management and analytics team takes care of the data architecture, ensuring that it flows through the systems correctly and is stored properly. They make sure that the data structures they develop are the most efficient way to access the data and to develop the underlying business intelligence applications. The DBA team ensures that the databases are managed and performing at optimal levels as well as handling any disaster recovery situations.

The DBA team also configures each database management system and handles all code pushes through the change management processes.  They are also one of primary teams to receive alerts when systems go down. “A typical day for the data management and analytics team is project based. Colleagues from the business may request access to certain data and this team determines how to make that happen. They develop data extraction, transfer and loading (ETL) processes to get the business the data they need,” said Andy. “The DBA team usually starts their days by ensuring all backup systems and maintenance jobs ran successfully. They look at the general performance of the database management system and determine if something needs to be changed. Then they begin project work such as creating new databases, installing and configuring database management system software and ongoing work with the software, network and infrastructure teams.”

The team as a whole provides data in the most efficient and secure manner to our business units to help them make accurate and timely decisions to serve our Customers. “We look for candidates who can get along with the team and who really want an opportunity to learn and grow,” shared Andy. “They also need to be someone who doesn’t get overwhelmed easily and is willing to put in the extra effort to meet deadlines and get everything done. They need to have the drive to make things better and the initiative to be a self-starter. Data teams as a whole are some of the most highly technical people in a company and to work on a data team you have to have the drive to work hard and the ability to succeed.”

The Marketing team drives a lot of the work for this team as they continually look for ways to better serve our Customers. “Our team works closely with Colleagues on the business side and it’s pretty impressive how well IT and the business work together here. It actually feels like a start-up company that has a whole history of wisdom,” said Andy. “You couldn’t pick a better time to join our team. There are so many changes going on and we’re involved with six of the largest, most critical projects in the Company. There are incredible growth opportunities here right now.”

Sound like a good fit for you? Check out our current opening for a database admin analyst and a database developer and apply today!

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