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Day in the Life: Customer Service Adjuster

September 4, 2014 03:02 AM
Customer Service I don’t know about you, but good customer service seems hard to find lately. I was so happy when I had a great experience with one of our vendors, Tickets at Work, who identified me from my phone number and helped me instantly. It also makes me proud to work at an organization that strives to help our Customers by having live people answer the phones. We even capitalize the word “Customer” when referring to our Customers so we remember they are who matters. To learn more about our Customer service areas, I talked to Bailey Black, Customer service adjuster, about her job. She spends 85 percent of her time on the phone helping Customers, either talking to them directly or calling medical providers to help process claims. She also spends time responding to Customer email or web inquiries. “My job is to provide a positive experience. I help Customers in any way possible – paying claims, being proactive and explaining how to file a claim and policy information,” said Bailey. Our Customer service team works hard to solve problems and get the right answer to Customers. Often, our Customers call us during times of great stress, such as when they are diagnosed with cancer or struggling with a disability. Colleagues must be understanding and willing to listen to Customers who sometimes just need a friendly ear in the midst of dealing with medical issues and paperwork. “We’re the front of the line for Customers and they base their opinion of the Company on us, so it’s important that we have a positive attitude,” said Bailey. “To succeed on this team, it also takes strong problem-solving skills, patience and good communications skills. You have to be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment and like working with people.” The job is demanding, but it’s also rewarding. You have a clear purpose. “I enjoy my job because I get to help others. I can make a difference in their day,” said Bailey. Interested in joining our Customer service team? Check out our openings today!

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