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Day in the Life: Creative Services

December 4, 2014 08:37 AM
Angela_final Every time you visit a website, read a brochure, watch a video or peruse a magazine, you’re seeing the efforts of a designer. At American Fidelity, we’re proud of our in-house design team that helps develop content for our web, print and video needs in ways that are informative and eye-appealing. I sat down with one of our multi-media design specialists, Angela Keeler, to learn more. An insurance company may not be the first place a creative person looks for a job (but here's why you should). So what’s kept Angela here for 13 years? “A corporate position really lets me see the big picture and understand the Company as a whole. AFA has always let me try new things and really listens to our ideas. It’s never the same day in and day out. Plus, I love my team,” said Angela. Members of the Creative Services team are all cross-trained so that they can each handle the variety of projects that come their way. They may film a video, update a web page, design a brochure, attend a brainstorming session and even tie bows on invitations all in one day. Sound fun? We’re looking for a new multi-media designer so apply now to join the team!

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