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Day in the Life: Compensation

April 2, 2015 08:15 AM
[caption id="attachment_2743" align="alignnone" width="300"]Dana D., Sr. Compensation Specialist Dana D., Sr. Compensation Specialist[/caption] Are you wondering what it’s like to work at AFA? Our monthly Day in the Life column features different Colleagues to gain insight on what exactly their job entails. We currently have a job opening for a benefits and compensation specialist on our Total Rewards team, so we thought it was only fitting to sit down with our senior compensation specialist to talk about what she does here at AFA. As a senior compensation specialist, Dana Durham manages AFA’s Home Office compensation program. Some of her many responsibilities include helping to design, validate, maintain and implement any changes that need to take place within the program. She facilitates the compensation team and helps them make strategic decisions. Her area of AFA basically manages all aspects of the Colleague total reward system. “Every day is different but about half my time is spent in meetings and in collaboration with other Colleagues,” Dana said. “The other half of the time I am preparing for those meetings. I have to be flexible so I can meet the needs of all areas of the Company on a moment’s notice.” Dana serves the internal Customer of AFA, or Colleagues in other words. Her team helps provide benefits and financial security to Colleagues. This gives them the peace of mind and the ability they need to then go and serve our external Customers. “I like my job because there is such a variety in my daily routine; I never do the same thing twice, and I’m always busy,” Dana said. “I also like all the contact I have with management and Colleagues.” “In order to succeed in my field you have to be flexible and adaptable to all situations,” said Dana. “You have to be able to turn on a dime and multitask.” Does this sound like the place for you? Join Dana and her team! We currently have an opening for a compensation specialist and benefits consultant. Since this position will handle both compensation and benefits, learn what a day in the life of a benefits specialist is like!

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