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Colleagues to Hear from Senior Leadership

October 15, 2015 04:56 AM

Colleague Connection 2015 Name Twice a year, senior leaders from American Fidelity take the time to meet with Colleagues to talk about major projects and answer any questions. Five nearly identical meetings – called Colleague Connection – are planned next week to ensure Colleagues understand the various projects that are going on throughout the Company. Six different senior executives will present during each hour-and-a-half meeting. They’ll cover topics like our Company’s current performance, updates on moving to our new headquarters and four major projects underway in the Company. Company President Dave Carpenter is one of the presenters. He believes the meetings are vital to ensuring Colleagues understand the priorities in the Company and their roles in helping us achieve our goals. Colleagues can submit anonymous questions electronically during the meetings, or ask verbal questions at the end. Even though every effort is made to ensure Colleagues can attend in person, we know it’s not possible for each individual to make one of the meetings. One of the meetings is recorded and placed on the Company Intranet for anyone to view who wasn’t able to attend live. It’s great to work for a Company whose senior leadership makes communicating with Colleagues a priority!

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