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Colleagues Support Charitable Organizations

July 30, 2015 04:00 AM

Chari-teeDay Tomorrow, Colleagues will wear green T-shirts to support our monthly charity day. Each month, a new charity is highlighted at AFA and the proceeds from charity day are donated to that group. We average about $900 a month in donations – all from Colleagues! Charity day generally falls on the last Friday of each month. This month’s charity is Angels Foster Family Network. The organization helps place foster children in loving homes to help them escape from abuse and other traumatic situations. Each of the monthly charities is nominated by a Colleague who is passionate about the organization’s mission. We’re honored to be able to support one another’s charities throughout the year! Charity days aren’t the only times we donate or support our community. Check out this infographic to see all of the organizations we supported just last year. Stafftistics_charity_lg

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