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Colleagues Given Opportunity to Define Values

September 4, 2013 02:45 AM

As a recruiter, I know that our Colleagues have a choice. They choose to join American Fidelity and many choose to stay with American Fidelity until they retire. But I know that there are a lot of other great companies out there too. So, we have to continually work to ensure American Fidelity remains an employer of choice. One way we’re doing that is by making sure everyone has a clear picture of our core values. Our Company president, Dave Carpenter, recently held Company-wide meetings to discuss the results of Colleague focus groups held earlier this year. One thing we learned is that everyone views our values differently. For example, how one Colleague defines Always Fair isn’t going to be the same as another Colleague. We determined that we need a more clear definition of our values that we can all support. To do this, we asked interested Colleagues to sign up to help create these definitions. We randomly selected Colleagues to participate in meetings being held today and tomorrow. These Colleagues are taking action to help our ongoing efforts to improve the Company for both our Colleagues and our Customers. What about you? Does a company’s core values play a role in your decision to apply or to stay with them?

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