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Colleagues Enjoy Movie Night

July 20, 2015 06:16 AM

photo 1 A little before dusk on Friday, cars began streaming into the parking lot at our new headquarters. Colleagues and their friends and family members headed out to the lawn dragging lawn chairs, blankets, coolers and more. They arrived in time for the first-ever outdoor movie night hosted by American Fidelity. “Thanks so much for hosting a movie night,” one Colleague said. “My family and I really enjoyed coming out, visiting with other Colleagues and their families and spending the evening watching a movie. It was a great night!” Although the day was hot, the weather for the evening was wonderful. The tall building provided shade for the movie location, even before the sun set. A nice breeze not only kept the temperature down, but also kept mosquitos from feasting on the attendees. Free popcorn was available for all the guests, and ice pops were on sale with proceeds going to our partner elementary school. All in all, the event was another example of how American Fidelity provides a great atmosphere for Colleagues – and our family members! See more about how American Fidelity cares for its Colleagues, and how Colleagues care for each other.

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