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Colleagues Drive System Changes

August 5, 2015 02:45 AM

Policy Administration System Project Team Policy Administration System Project Team[/caption] Have you ever been in a situation where a new system was rolled out without the input of any of the people who actually use the system? It can be frustrating to have people making decisions about how you do your job who aren’t familiar with the details. At American Fidelity, we try to prevent frustrations like these by involving Colleagues in the decision-making process. For example, we’re currently updating about 30 different technology systems we use to administer policies for our Customers into one cohesive system. This will make it easier for Colleagues to assist Customers, streamline system upkeep and aid in collaboration. Colleagues were involved from the beginning as they provided input on their current processes to create the map of what was needed, then were invited to attend vendor demonstrations and to provide input into the selection of the vendor. The selection team that made the final decision included software developers and Customer Service reps to ensure the decision met their areas’ needs. We didn’t stop there. We created a project team with Colleagues from our IT, Customer Service and Benefits departments to come together to drive the implementation. These Colleagues will be dedicated to the successful implementation of this project and have even moved to a new location within our headquarters so that they can be co-located to improve collaboration. They will be responsible for ensuring the new system meets their areas needs and will help in getting others in their area up to speed. The team members began moving to their new collaborative area on Monday and are excited about the future. “I think we are extremely fortunate to work for a Company that is serious about making changes that will help us move into the future. Phasing out the legacy systems is a huge undertaking. By dedicating a team of Colleagues solely to the development of our new Policy Administration System, AF is showing that we are devoted to making this transition as painless as possible for everyone that will be impacted,” shared Brooke Boevers, benefits claims team leader. “I’m really impressed with the way American Fidelity has approached the huge undertaking of replacing our legacy systems with a new policy administration system. Processes have been mapped, requirements gathered, and business rules are being written. We did a thorough search for a system that was right for AFA before making a selection. With what we have accomplished so far, the remainder of the project can’t help but be successful. I’m very pleased and excited to be part of it,” said Kristie Johnson, software architect. Sound like a place where you want to work? We’re looking for new Colleagues to join our team in IT, Customer Service and many other areas. Apply today!

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