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What's Happening at AFA | Colleague of the Year

March 4, 2013 02:11 AM

Colleague of the monthAmerican Fidelity has great Colleagues and we make it a point to recognize them for their hard work serving our Customers.  It’s hard to pick just one, but each month we honor a Colleague of the Month and each year a Colleague of the Year. As a matter of fact, we recently honored our 2012 Colleague of the Year.

We even have a team made of Colleagues from all over the Company to select our Colleague of the Month. Colleagues can be nominated by anyone in the Company and their names stay in the running for one year or until they receive the award, whichever comes first. Once the votes are tallied and a winner has been determined, the Colleague is recognized in a surprise gathering. The Colleague of the Month receives a Visa gift card, gift card to our Company Store, reserved parking space for the month, goodies to share with their team, a personalized trophy and the choice of an on-site massage, movie tickets or an on-site car wash.

At the end of each year, the 12 Colleagues who were honored are eligible to receive the Colleague of the Year award. The Colleague of the Year is announced at a Company-wide presentation made by our president, Dave Carpenter. The Colleague of the Year is presented with a $1,000 check, a personalized trophy and a bag of goodies.

We recognized Charlotte Blest as our 2012 Colleague of the Year. Charlotte was chosen because of her dedication to our Customer and her willingness to drop what she’s doing to help someone else. We are proud of our 2012 Colleague of the Month honorees and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

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