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CIO Helps New Tech Colleagues Share Feedback

July 16, 2014 03:03 AM
[caption id="attachment_1992" align="alignnone" width="240"]Kim Fisher Kim Fisher, American Fidelity CIO[/caption] Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be stressful as you try to fit in, learn the ropes and get comfortable sharing your opinions. Kim Fisher, our chief information officer, wanted to make sure she connected with new Colleagues in her division and that they felt comfortable coming to her. She’s always had an open-door policy and knows her team; and as the division grows she wants to make sure to maintain that culture. She started inviting new Colleagues to small round table lunches to get to know new Colleagues and give them a chance to get to know her. During the meetings Kim asks the Colleagues about their previous jobs, what they like to do outside of work and how they feel about AFA so far. Afterwards, she sends them a survey that asks about their experience with their manager, what they’d tell a friend who wanted to apply at AFA, resources they need and how they like the collaborative environment. Here’s what a few Colleagues said they would tell a friend about AFA: “I would tell them it would be hard to find a company that treats its employees as well as AFA does and is a great company to work for.” “AFA has one of the best work environments you could ask for and the colleagues are warm and truly create a 'family environment'. From a technology standpoint, this is the best time to be a part of AFA. If you want good change and a challenge, the technological revolution happening at AFA right now is what you want to be a part of. There are ample opportunities to grow and learn within the company, if you choose to grab them, which is another positive at AFA.” “That AFA is great company to work for and by far the best one I have been a part of since starting my career after college. The benefits are absolutely amazing and hard to find companies that do some of them anymore (i.e., pension).” “I would tell them that AFA has an amazing family-oriented atmosphere that is geared toward creating a sense of teamwork across different disciplines. I would encourage them to pursue a position here because it is an excellent place to learn and grow in their career while at the same time forging professional relationships quickly and in many different areas.” “I would tell them to submit a resume as soon as possible! There are so many exciting projects going on in all areas of the business combined with all the perks and great people. It really is a great place to work.” Intrigued? We have several openings in ISD and throughout the Company, so check them out and apply today!

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