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Charity Day Benefits Colleague Fund

January 26, 2015 05:53 AM
afaOKStrong-01 When Colleagues wear jeans and T-shirts to work later this week, they will be supporting fellow Colleagues who have financial needs. Proceeds from the January charity day will be given to the Colleague Relief Fund. Started after the tornadoes in 2013 rocked our community, the fund is designed to help Colleagues who are going through tornadoes in their personal lives that are causing financial hardships. The fund is managed by the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, and contributions are tax deductible. Grants from this fund are made only to American Fidelity Colleagues. Colleagues may apply for grants if they (or their family members) are experiencing financial hardship due to long-term illnesses, serious accidents, house fires, tornadoes or other disasters. In addition, if an active Colleague passes away, a grant is given to the surviving spouse or family member. The Colleague Relief Fund is here to provide a safety net for Colleagues in their times of need. Our Colleagues are quick to step up and help when a member of the American Fidelity family needs it, and this fund gives them an avenue to do it. What other ways do companies help their Colleagues who are going through tough times?

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