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Challenging Colleagues to Live Smart

June 1, 2015 05:14 AM
Bingo American Fidelity truly cares about our Colleagues and their health and well-being. From the on-site medical clinic to our fitness center and the discount tickets to our grill, the Company provides many things to help us lead a healthy, well-rounded life. Being healthy in body and mind is especially important, and AFA is pushing Colleagues to have that healthy balance in their lives with our Black Belt Bingo Wellness Challenge. The challenge is meant to help Colleagues focus on balancing six dimensions of wellness: physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual, occupational and social. The challenge is six weeks long with small prizes throughout and a large prize at the end. Each week participants receive a bingo card and they have one week to get a bingo and let us know what they’ve done in each category. The cards keep Colleagues accountable for trying to hit at least one of each dimension every week. Sometimes we get so caught up in work, a friend’s birthday, a child’s program, etc. that we forget to maintain a well-balanced life. Make sure to come back in a few weeks to see a spotlight on the challenge winner. & How do you maintain a healthy, balance lifestyle?

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