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Celebrating Family Additions

August 13, 2014 02:18 AM
BYKTW1 One of the reasons I truly enjoy working at American Fidelity is the people - from Colleagues I work with every day to those that I just see in the halls. Here at AFA we aren’t just co-workers. We support each other in the good times and the bad. And speaking of good times, I just recently announced to my fellow Colleagues that I’ll be having my first baby in January! It’s an exciting time for my family, friends and my co-workers. AFA recognizes this important time in my family’s life in a lot of great ways. Many departments plan showers for their Colleagues who are getting married or having a baby, and I’m sure my co-workers won’t disappoint. Since I have been at AFA (just over two years) I have attended multiple wedding and baby showers to show my excitement and support. It’s a great feeling to have the people at your home away from home be so supportive. As a full-time Colleague I will have the opportunity to spend not just the standard 12 weeks, but up to 16 weeks off with my baby with FML. That’s right! AFA offers an extra four weeks of FML time than is required. And the benefits don’t stop there. As a new parent I’ll receive a personalized book for my newborn. American Fidelity also offers a mother’s lounge for Colleagues and we have a great resource through our Colleague Assistance Program that will help me narrow down child care programs. I’m thankful to work for a great Company that values my family as much as I do!

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