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Career Development at AFA

March 18, 2015 07:00 AM
[caption id="attachment_1479" align="alignnone" width="269"]career_fair Opportunities and careers cross paths at American Fidelity[/caption] If you follow this blog regularly, you probably know we value training, development and education here at American Fidelity. We offer Customer service certification, mentorship programs, product and service training, leadership training, computer and software classes and so much more! One unique learning opportunity at AFA is our dedicated career development specialist, who is  available to all AFA Colleagues to help them  improve job skills and  establish a career plan. During one-on-one counseling sessions with our career development specialist, Colleagues identify what knowledge, skills and abilities they possess, what their goals are and what careers interest them. Together with the career development specialist, an action plan is developed and follow-up meetings are scheduled to keep a pulse on progress. Colleagues can also receive resume writing help. From start to finish, the career development specialist will help Colleagues assemble and write their resumes. Colleagues who already have a resume can have them reviewed for suggested improvements and proofreading. Have pre-interview jitters? Our career development specialist is available to conduct mock job interviews, giving Colleagues the opportunity to learn how to answer difficult questions and improve their interview performance. Assisting our Colleagues in developing their career is an investment in them personally and the future of American Fidelity. “Career development is important at the workplace because there are so many opportunities and talents throughout the Company that it is easy to overlook potential career paths,” says AFA Colleague, Melissa Konz. “I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with this team to find a perfect fit for me at AFA. I knew I did not want to leave AFA because I love the Company, but had not found where I belonged. I was able to discuss my interests, likes, dislikes, past training and past jobs to look at potential opportunities for me. I was fortunate enough to find my home here and could not be happier or more grateful for the support and assistance the career development team provided me with.” Tell us why and how you think career development is important to the workplace in the comments section. We want to hear from you!

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