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Ask a Recruiter I The Right Resume

May 9, 2013 02:00 AM

Do you ever find yourself preparing your resume to submit with a job application and realize you are completely unsure if it is on the right track? Well I sat down with one of our recruiters to find out what she looks for on resumes when deciding who to bring in for interviews. Check out her answer in the video.


One of the first things that everyone says is be sure and have someone else proof your resume. And it seems like such a simple thing, but you would be surprised at the number of resumes our recruiters receive with typos. Remember you have spell check and having someone else proof your resume would only take a few minutes of their time.

Is your resume in top shape now? Check out the openings at American Fidelity and learn about our hiring process. Learn more about our company so you can be prepared if one of our recruiters calls you for an interview!

Looking for a few more tips? Read What Not to Write and 7 Ways to Disqualify Yourself from a Job for more tips on resumes and job interviews. Check out this article from Forbes and learn how to get an unbeatable resume.

Have a question you would like to ask our recruiters? Submit it here and watch for the answer in upcoming Ask a Recruiter posts.

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