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Ask a Recruiter I Customer Service Jobs

June 11, 2014 02:41 AM
Are you interested in working in Customer Service at AFA, but aren’t really sure what you’d be doing? I sat down with Kristi Schweitzer, Benefits manager, to learn!  Kristi talks about the difference in a Customer Service Unit (CSU) adjuster and a disability adjuster. Check out Kristi’s answer in the video below. If you’d still like to learn more, check out a Day in the Life in Customer Service and find out what we mean when we say you’ll have meaningful work at AFA. Now that you know more about the job duties, apply today for an AFA Customer Service position or share this with your friends! Have a burning question you’d like to ask one of our recruiters or managers? Submit your question here and watch for an answer in an upcoming Ask a Recruiter post.

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