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Ask a Recruiter: How to Find Internships

August 11, 2016 02:18 PM

Have you been told you need to participate in at least one internship while you’re in school? Are you wondering how you should even go about finding one? I talked with our recruiters and share their thoughts below.

  • Take advantage of the career resources at your university. Review internship openings on your university’s career site.
  • Attend job fairs on campus to preview potential internships, and remember presentation is very important.
  • Be a top student and network with your department head in the field of your study to be considered for internship referrals.
  • Academic records are considered for some internships, so it is important to keep that in mind as you are working in your studies.
  • Preview ahead of time for the next semester. For example if you want an internship for the spring semester, start looking in October of the previous year.

American Fidelity currently has multiple internship opportunities. If you’re interested in any of the areas below, email your resume to

  • Customer Engagement
  • Insurance Claims
  • Data Scientist


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