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Ask a Recruiter: 6 Way to Impress Recruiters

September 16, 2016 08:11 AM

When you’re applying for a job or getting ready for an interview do you find yourself wondering, “What do these recruiters really care about and really want to know from me?” You’re not alone because I’ve had those same thoughts.

I had a chance to talk to American Fidelity’s recruiters to find out just what do they really care about, and I’ve got a list of six things to share with you.

  1. Excellent communication skills are a must. AF recruiters start checking those skills from the initial look at an application. They want candidates that have both written and verbal skillsets.
  2. Show your interest! Do your research on the company you’re applying to and be sure to ask questions when the recruiter asks if you have any. It shows you are interested and engaged. Make sure you’re monitoring your email and voicemails when you apply for a job and respond promptly to recruiters. Slow response times show a lack of interest.
  3. Showcase your interpersonal and soft skills. “These skills are paramount to AF’s culture and being successful here,” says recruiter Kim Brecheen. Show empathy when appropriate and provide thoughtful responses beyond just a yes or no. Your interaction from the time you check-in, to the time you leave the building will demonstrate any social soft skills needed here at AF.
  4. Demonstrate leadership qualities. Show that you can be forward thinking with honest opinions and convey them in a professional manner.
  5. Be a problem solver! Tell recruiters about your experiences with thinking out of the box and utilizing analytical skills to assist a customer or fellow colleague with a problem.
  6. Exhibit customer service skills. This can be shown from the first phone call you have with a recruiter. Show that you are interested in working with and helping others.

These are the top things American Fidelity recruiters are looking for from the very beginning. Do you have a question you’d like to ask our recruiters? Submit it here and watch for a response on the blog.

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