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An Out of the This World Experience

June 5, 2013 02:55 AM

BYKTW1Yesterday at American Fidelity was the day two of my kids look forward to all year long. It was Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Nearly 150 kids came to the office for the morning for the activity whose theme was Out of the This World. We had the opportunity to show our children where we spend such a big chunk of our lives, and our kids got to meet the Colleagues we talk about at the dinner table.

It’s always such a festive day, and within weeks my kids will be asking me when next year’s event will be! I love that our Company president, Dave Carpenter, takes time from his day to welcome the kids and tell them a little about our Company values. He never fails to tell the kids to stay in school so they can work for American Fidelity some day themselves.

My older daughter got to attend two job shadowing sessions where she learned more about different jobs at American Fidelity. My younger son enjoyed playing Bingo with American Fidelity terms along with an activity where she created resume, business card and dream job collage to help her start thinking about jobs she’d be interested in.

Most of all, I got to spend some quality time with my children. It’s important to me that American Fidelity appreciates that I’m a mother, and not just a worker. I love introducing my “real” family to my work family.

What does your workplace do to encourage a family atmosphere? Do you have a bring your kids to work day and if so, what activities did you and your family enjoy the most?

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