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American Fidelity’s Hiring Process

February 20, 2013 05:04 AM


Not being familiar with a company’s hiring process can cause stress during your job search. Some companies respond within a week if they’re interested, some take several weeks. Some conduct all of the interviews for a position during a short time frame and others take longer to accommodate candidates’ and hiring managers’ schedules. You then may come back for team interviews. It can become overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure of the process.

To help relieve some of your stress, I outlined American Fidelity’s hiring process for you:

  1. Candidate completes the automated online application.
  2. Recruiters review online applications for skill sets and culture fit.
  3. Recruiters conduct phone interviews with top candidates.
  4. If the candidate seems like a good match, an in-person interview is scheduled.
  5. For certain positions, candidates also complete skills testing during the initial face-to-face interview.
  6. Next, remaining candidates meet with the hiring manager.
  7. Finally, many areas conduct a team interview to help ensure a candidate’s fit with the team.

Check out AFA recruiter Kim Brecheen’s interview tips and see what one of our Colleagues has to say about his journey through AFA’s hiring process:

“When interviewing for a management position with American Fidelity, I interviewed with members of the team I now manage, my peers in the department, peers of the hiring manager and even the CFO and the president of insurance operations. Having the opportunity to interview and be interviewed by such a range of individuals enabled both me and the organization to determine if I was a good fit," said Jim Ward, Life Valuation Actuary manager.

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