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American Fidelity Values

April 10, 2013 02:57 AM

American Fidelity ValuesWhen looking for a job, most people focus on the job description, salary and perks. But what about a company’s values?

While some values might be obvious – the American Heart Association values healthy hearts, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma helps fight hunger – other values aren’t always clear without doing a little digging. Since company culture plays a huge role in your happiness and satisfaction in your job, take time to look into a company’s culture and values before applying. To help you out, I’ve provided information on American Fidelity’s values below.

The Five AFs:

  • Always Fair – This is the guiding value for the way we treat both Colleagues and Customers. We always look to do what is right, even if that isn’t always easy.
  • Always Focused – American Fidelity understands that we cannot be all things to all people; we learn to focus our efforts on what will produce the best results.
  • Always Future-oriented – When considering current actions, needs and resources, Colleagues are ever aware of their future impact and look to provide better service and increased efficiency for tomorrow.
  • Always Flexible – Being rigid and resistant to change would stifle our efforts to bend over backward in the pursuit of serving both Colleagues and Customers to the best of our ability.
  • Always Financially Secure – This is the essence of how we are able to fulfill our promises. By making sure our decisions make fiscal sense, we assure the ability to pay claims, maintain jobs and provide new jobs.

What about you? Let us know what values you look for in a company!

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