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American Fidelity Mentoring Program

April 16, 2015 04:39 AM
It seems like for the past decade we’ve heard about the coming retirement of Baby Boomers and the takeover of the workforce by Millennials. At American Fidelity, we’ve seen this trend happening the last several years and our current population is about a third each of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, with some Traditionalists continuing to serve our Customers as well. We wanted to ensure we capture the knowledge and experience our Traditionalist and Baby Boomer Colleagues have before they head off to enjoy retirement, so 10 years ago we began the American Fidelity Mentoring Program (AMP). AMP is a formal mentoring program designed “to develop AFA’s future, one Colleague at a time.” AMP is open to all Colleagues seeking a development opportunity through informal learning and knowledge sharing. Mentors play an important role in Colleagues learning more about AFA outside of their own area, developing leadership skills and being prepared for succession planning opportunities. 10year_infographic Our mentorship pairs meet at least every other week for six months during the official program, but many continue to meet after the program as well and turn to each other to solve problems. Having someone to go to outside of your department can offer a fresh perspective on issues. Have you ever participated in a mentorship program? What do you look for in a mentor or mentee?

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