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American Fidelity Makes Training Top 125 for 12th Consecutive Year

February 22, 2016 04:35 AM

David M., Training Manager David M., Training Manager

We’re excited to announce that American Fidelity has made the Training Magazine Top 125 list for the twelfth consecutive year.

The list recognizes companies that provide excellent training and development programs for their Colleagues.

“With the way our world changes so quickly, none of us are guaranteed that our jobs will exist in the same way in five years. That’s one of the reasons that ongoing learning is so important,” said David McLaughlin, Training manager. “If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. We offer numerous opportunities for Colleagues to improve their skills so they are prepared for whatever comes their way. I’m proud of all of the Colleagues who work hard to make these programs a success and of all of the Colleagues who actively pursue learning opportunities.”

In 2015, American Fidelity Colleagues completed 43,444 hours of internal and external training for an average of 23.46 hours per Colleague.

Colleagues can meet with a career development specialist to discuss what specific training options they should take to pursue the next step in their careers. The succession planning and promote-from-within programs help Colleagues grow their careers with American Fidelity. Leadership development classes are available, along with a mentorship program. More than 100 Colleagues participated in the mentoring program in 2015. A Leadership Summit featuring an outside speaker takes place each fall and gives leaders a chance to focus on growing their leadership skills and learning about the strategic direction of the Company.

American Fidelity offers on-site and online training to all Colleagues, ranging from courses on project management to computer skills to managing stress. The Company provides several certification options, including Customer service, leadership, Lean and performance management.

Through an arrangement with Oklahoma City Community College, enrollment services, guidance counseling and classes are offered onsite. In addition, a tuition reimbursement program helps Colleagues finish their degrees, pursue master’s programs or earn professional certifications.

Training magazine's annual awards program recognizes employer-sponsored training and development. The judging is based on an extensive application process and includes many factors such as financial commitment, programs offered, metrics measured and methods of evaluation.

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