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AFA Offers Colleagues Non-Work Related Classes

March 9, 2015 03:26 AM
American Fidelity understands that you have a life outside of work. We also understand that a happy life beyond the office directly contributes to your work productivity. To help our Colleagues balance life and work, we provide numerous non-work related classes on site. Some of the classes we are offering now are Snack Smart and Homebuyers Education. Snacking right can be a challenge, but American Fidelity is here to help Colleagues learn how to prepare a healthy snack in no time to give an energy boost to fight the midday slump. Carefully planned snacking can be a part of a healthy eating pattern that supplies nutrients lacking from the diet of many Americans. This is why AFA is offering our Colleagues the opportunity to learn from a registered dietitian how to Snack Smart! Another class we are offering our Colleagues is our Homebuyers Education class. Buying a home and be difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Representatives from our sister company, First Fidelity Bank, will provide Colleagues with all the information they need to know about home loans. Topics include everything from purchasing a first home to refinancing an existing loan to buying a vacation home. In the past we have also offered classes on personal finances, retirement planning and healthy eating. Just a few of the many ways American Fidelity helps Colleagues live a balanced life! What are some non-work related classes you’d like to see in the workplace?

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