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‘AFA Julie’ Retires

July 7, 2014 03:47 AM
Corie Rogers-Julie-Stephanie Dage Since February, my Colleagues and I have been learning more about the retirement benefits offered by American Fidelity Assurance Company. We were introduced to an avatar, AFA Julie, and followed her representational career at the Company. Each month, we learned a little about Julie and were able to vote on how much of her paycheck she should save for retirement. As Julie learned about her pension and 401(k) savings plans, so did we. Julie got a lesson in risk tolerance for investments, and we learned along with her. Along the way, she got married, had two children, experienced her husband’s job loss and took in her aging parents. As these life events impacted her financial situation, we chose different paths for her savings strategy. Last week, we celebrated with AFA Julie as she met her retirement goals. Nearly 300 of us, her “closest friends,” attended a retirement party to wish her well. Several Colleagues took the time to share the things they’ve learned from Julie in the past few months, including that young investors can afford to take more risks while older investors should be more conservative. Most importantly, we learned that we need to save continuously if we’re going to be able to retire someday like Julie did. Julie’s journey was a fun and interesting way to learn more about a vital subject that can sometimes be boring for those of us with less interest in financial dealings. We look forward to Julie living another avatar life and teaching us something new in the future. What fun ways have you seen challenging information presented?

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