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AFA Helps Honor Teachers

January 19, 2015 04:39 AM
Mrs Knight Once a week during the school year, American Fidelity partners with Magic 104.1 to recognize a great teacher in our community. It’s a great opportunity to recognize heroes who have a huge impact on our future by shaping the lives of our children. The “Magic Man” goes to a school each week to present the award to the teachers. The teachers often are surprised and excited that they were selected for special recognition. Their humility isn’t the only thing these educators have in common. All of them love what they do and the children they teach. Kathy Bavari from Angie Debo Elementary in Edmond has been teaching for more than two decades and hasn’t lost her enthusiasm. “It’s been an amazing 21 years,” she said when presented with the award. “I’ve made so many friends and taught so many amazing kids. It’s all about the kids!” Clayton Cannon, from Western Oaks Elementary in Putnam City, echoed her thoughts. “We just try to do what’s best for the kids,” Mr. Cannon said. “That why I get up every day.” The most recent honoree, Mrs. Barbara Knight from Blanchard Elementary, was nominated for her ability to capture her students’ attention and help them retain knowledge in fun ways. As we say on the radio, we are proud to recognize these great teachers for all they do! Do you have a favorite teacher? Nominate him or her today on the Magic 104 website.

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