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AFA Helps Colleagues Save for Retirement

January 16, 2014 01:30 AM

american fidelity

Every January my thoughts turn toward planning for the future and setting new goals. Sometimes it’s just for this year, but it doesn’t hurt to think about long-term goals like planning for my retirement. American Fidelity offers both a pension plan and a 401(k) savings plan. Not only that, but the Company has tools and training to help me determine if I’m saving enough to live the way I want after I leave the workforce. It’s pretty rare to find a Company that offers a pension plan, but American Fidelity does. We become fully vested in the plan after just five years of service to the Company. The plan is 100 percent funded by American Fidelity and offers a variety of payment options upon retirement. In addition, American Fidelity matches a portion of employee contributions to our 401(k) plans. We can begin participating after just six months of employment. We are able to direct our savings into a wide variety of investments that match our risk tolerance. An online tool helps us determine how much replacement income we’ll need when we retire, as well as whether we are on track to reach that goal. Colleagues of all ages are encouraged to take retirement education classes. In addition to a basics class online, there are targeted classes to help at every stage of our careers. For Colleagues within a few years of retirement, experts on Medicare and Social Security provide information alongside those from American Fidelity with Company-specific information. I feel great knowing that I work for a Company that cares about me not only while I’m working here, but also after I retire. How important is a retirement plan when you decide where to work?

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