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AFA Exceeds United Way Donation Goal

August 19, 2015 03:15 AM

UWshirt-Tropical-Blue American Fidelity wrapped up our United Way campaign last week and we exceeded our Company goal of $485,000! Our campaign started with the Pacesetter Games at our new Home Office location and early bird agency tours. During the campaign our Colleagues had opportunities to visit various United Way agency and we had our agency fair for Colleagues to learn even more. Throughout the campaign different AFA departments and floors participated in various activities to help raise money for United Way. Here are some of the activities and events that went on during our campaign.

  • Pants and Polo donation drive: School uniforms were collected and donated to Youth Services Center of Oklahoma for students in need.
  • Hamburger cookout: A cookout was held to raise money to add to donations.
  • Penny War: Strategic Alliances held a penny war and if certain monetary goals were met then certain executive Colleagues would get a pie in the face. Two of our executives ended up getting pied!
  • Breakfast: Casserole, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy and bacon were sold and profits went to United Way.
  • Division/department/team meetings: Teams came together for United Way meetings to learn more about the organization and to hear from people who have a United Way story.
  • Bake sale: Colleagues made various baked goods and sold them with proceeds benefitting United Way.

These are just a few of the activities that our Colleagues participated in to help raise awareness and money for the United Way. AFA Colleague Marshall Foo is a huge advocate of the United Way and is thankful that American Fidelity supports an organization that helps so many. “Having been on a couple of United Way financing sub-committees and going to behind the scenes tours, I have seen the good work that the United Way partner agencies do,” Marshall said. “More than that, after being discharged from the Marines, I was a single dad and the recipient of several agencies’ assistance: Catholic Charities; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts; the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Red Cross. More recently, the American Heart Association’s research has helped me with my more recent heart issues. Not only have I seen the benefits, but I have lived them as well.”

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