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AFA Colleagues Lend a Helping a Hand

August 7, 2013 05:30 AM

afaOKStrong-01 Our Colleagues at American Fidelity truly value and care about our Customers – so much so that they didn’t hesitate to step up on their own to help those in need. In light of the recent tornado that devastated two elementary schools in Moore, Oklahoma, a group of AFA Colleagues came together for the teachers of both schools. Colleagues from across the Company made monetary donations that were combined to provide gift cards for the teachers. The group was able to give $30 in gift cards to all 78 teachers – 39 from Plaza Towers and 39 from Briarwood Elementary. “Everyone who participated feels great about being able to help these teachers,” said Lucy Fritts, senior vice president of Financial Management Services. “Not only have they been through a horrible experience with their students, they have essentially lost everything in their classrooms that took years to build. As most people know, teachers do a great deal of this out of their own personal fund.” I am proud to work for one, a Company that is dedicated to its Customers and Colleagues and two, a Company that is full of such compassionate and generous Colleagues who are willing to step up with their personal time and money to help make a difference. Learn more about what it’s like to work for a family Company like AFA and check out our open positions. &

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