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AFA Career Day

August 14, 2013 06:25 AM

DSC_0844 One of the things I like most about American Fidelity is that the Company truly cares about Colleagues and their families. Just last week we had the opportunity to host 22 college and high school students who were either related to one of our Colleagues or a friend of someone else attending.    We kicked off AFA Career Day with our Company president, Dave Carpenter giving a brief overview of AFA and talking about the importance of giving it your all and being open to new opportunities and challenges in your career and life. Once it was time to dive into the sessions we split the group in half. The first group went to a Strengths Finder session where AFA trainer, Jeff Forsythe helped them understand their strengths and how to use them effectively in their future careers. The second group received a few interviewing tips before they were paired up with AFA managers in their areas of interest for some mock interviewing. The managers rated their interviewee in areas such as eye contact, articulation, subject matter knowledge, etc. The interviewing sessions proved to be a hit among the students and their parents. From previous Career Day events, AFA gave two participants great opportunities and both have joined the American Fidelity family. Do you have tips for interviewing or using your strengths to the fullest? Tell us in the comments! Be sure and check out our interview tips from one of AFA’s very own recruiters – she knows her stuff! You can also find more job search and resume tips in our Ask a Recruiter section.   &

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