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AF President Living Smart, Making Strides

September 18, 2014 02:15 AM
Dave C Collage At American Fidelity we value our Colleagues health and well-being and we like to recognize them for living smart. That’s why we have things like the Live Smart Achievement Award. It’s great when our executives step up and start making changes too! Just a few short months ago our president, Dave Carpenter made the decision to join our Corporate Challenge team and participate in the 5K. The catch? Running was never his thing. Being the competitive person he is, Dave had a quick chat with one of our fitness trainers to work out a plan. After all his hard work though, the event was rained out. But, he didn’t let that stop him! Dave has been running consistently since and has competed in four 5K races, improving his time each race. And he isn’t done. He has plans to race throughout the next couple of months. What motivates Dave to keep going? “My time improves each race. That’s motivating,” Dave says. “And, because I can! There are lots of people who can’t even walk that far, so why not do it while I can.” Learn about the Map My Run app that Dave uses to track his times, calories burned, miles ran and more. This could be the motivator you need. Check out Dave’s progress! Dave C_RunningGraph Since he started running, Dave’s last check up with his doctor was great and his blood pressure has improved to be almost what it was 30 years ago! His stamina has improved and overall Dave is much leaner. What advice does Dave have for others? “Do what you can for as long as you can!” He believes we owe it to ourselves, families and friends to live smart each day. How do you make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle? What do you look for in a company when it comes to wellness opportunities?

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