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January 22, 2016 03:35 AM

Alejandra W., Recruiting Specialist Alejandra W., Recruiting Specialist

American Fidelity’s recruiting specialist Alejandra Wilson leads a healthy lifestyle through her eating and exercise habits and she uses AF resources to help!

Alejandra began focusing on her eating habits just a few years ago and started with eating more “whole foods” and less processed foods. Soda was one of the first things she cut and now she doesn’t crave it at all.

After graduating college she realized she needed to be more proactive with her exercise and decided to sign up for a 10k.

“Through the training process I learned to love running,” Alejandra says. “I’ve completed a couple of races including a half marathon. I plan to improve my training and continue to make exercise a part of my daily routine.”

Alejandra and her husband plan their meals a few days in advance and keep a really good grocery list to stay on track. They don’t buy things that aren’t on the list, so they aren’t tempted at home.

For exercise she runs six days a week and walks or attends yoga classes at work. Alejandra uses the on-site fitness center in the mornings to run or to walk on the treadmill during lunch.

“Jessica is a great resource for motivation and to bounce ideas off regarding training. I always enjoy meeting with her!”

She loves the on-site grill and will opt for salmon or chicken with veggies when she doesn’t want a salad. Alejandra is on the American Fidelity Active 365 team and consistently has one of the highest numbers in steps from the group.

“Active 365 has made me more aware of my steps and habits.” Would you like to work at American Fidelity, where your health and wellness goals are important to us? Check out our OKC job openings and our field positions.

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