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AF Company Store Showcase

November 4, 2015 03:37 AM

left_header Just yesterday our Colleagues had the opportunity to get great deals from our Company Store. American Fidelity’s Company Store is an online platform that our Colleagues can use to order various office supplies, clothing, cups that can be used in our on-site cafeteria and more. Throughout the year we hold two showcases with blowout sales. The Company Store comes to our Home Office and sets up shop for a day. Colleagues can go in and purchase their items on big discounts. They get a free bag just for coming down and they have an opportunity to win a gift certificate to use in the Company Store. Yesterday we held our big sale at our 9000 Broadway location. Now, everything that was on sale in the showcase is available for the same great prices on the online store for a full week. The Company Store is a great resources for our Colleagues to get American Fidelity items fast! What types of things would you like to see available in a Company Store?

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