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AF Colleagues Prepare to Get Active 365

September 30, 2015 05:02 AM

Active_365_logo Last week about 200 of our Colleagues attended kick-off parties for our Active 365 pilot program. The program was opened up to the first 200 Colleagues who signed up and will last for a full year. Participants each received a free Jawbone UP Move fitness tracker, T-shirt, calendar with monthly challenges and salad shaker. The Jawbone tracks number of steps, workouts and sleep and eating habits. American Fidelity cares about our Colleagues and their health. The Active 365 pilot program will help AF’s Wellness Team determine whether having something on hand will keep Colleagues more accountable for their health than if they don’t have anything reminding them to get up and move. Each month participants have a challenge to work to complete and they can compete with fellow Active 365 group members anytime they want. The device doesn’t just track, it gets to know each individual and sets goals accordingly. We just got started, but we will keep you updated on how it’s going! If you had a Jawbone telling you it was time to get up and move, would you? What things keep you accountable for living healthy? Let us know in the comments! If you’re interested in working for a company that cares about you and your health, be sure to check out our OKC job openings and our field sales positions.

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