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AF Colleagues Are Like Family

June 24, 2015 07:18 AM
Laurie and Keith Working for American Fidelity doesn’t just guarantee that you have people you see five days a week, it’s more like joining a family. Those co-workers care about you personally – and not just how you contribute to the work environment. Colleague Kim Holekamp was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease when she was 18 years old. But the trouble with her kidneys didn’t start until about eight years ago. She was placed on a kidney transplant list in 2010, started dialysis in April 2013 and then had to have both kidneys removed in June 2013. Earlier this month, Kim received a kidney from a living donor and now is recovering from her surgery and looking forward to getting back to work. Throughout the process, her work family has been there for her. First, her boss worked with HR to change her position to part-time to enable Kim to continue working for AFA while also juggling the treatments she needed. In addition, Colleagues have donated to a fund set up in her name to help with expenses. “My team has really been awesome to me,” Kim says. “The Payroll team has been sympathetic with me on my bad days. They have brought food to me when I was too sick to cook. … When I was in the hospital for 22 days after having my kidneys removed, every single team member came to visit me, some more than once.” Kim has received support not just from her immediate team, but also from other Colleagues who know her situation. Her boss and another leader in the Financial Management Services division promised to wear OSU jerseys one day during the week of Kim’s transplant if at least $1,500 was raised for both. Both are fervent OU fans who detest OSU, which is Kim’s favorite team. The duo came through and sported the jerseys in conjunction with Kim’s surgery. Kim’s teammates and many other Colleagues throughout the Company follow Kim’s progress via her Facebook page, Kim’s Kidney Journey. Kim says she wants to educate others about the disease by telling her own story. Most of her current posts end with #miracleshappen. We are so thankful that we work for a Company that encourages us to support our fellow Colleagues when they need us most!

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